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Tech Soft 3D & Holo-Light

Hybrid XR
Remote Rendering

Render 3D CAD models in high-quality via cloud and stream it in real-time to your local XR app.

Partnership - Tech Soft 3D & Holo-Light

Stream 3D CAD models into your XR experience

Tech Soft 3D and Holo-Light together work on hybrid XR remote rendering. Break performance barriers and stream 3D CAD models from cloud to any kind of local rendered Augmented and Virtual Reality application.

Empowering XR experiences

Get Hybrid XR Remote Rendering!

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HOOPS Visualize

Use Tech Soft 3D's strong graphic engine to bring 3D CAD models of all kinds of formats to XR.

Performance Increase

Use the power of the cloud to stream 3D CAD models in XR. No effort for data preparation required enabling realistic and detailed visualizations.

Simple Integration

The easiest way to bring your high-quality 3D CAD models into your XR app. Integration and setup time are second to none.


Break hardware limitations with Holo-Light's groundbreaking XR streaming technology. Real-time streaming to all kinds of devices.

About Tech Soft 3D

Accelerate development of 3D engineering apps

Tech Soft 3D provides 3D software development toolkits (SDKs) that power world-class engineering applications. Tech Soft 3D has helped hundreds of software companies build successful desktop, mobile, web and XR applications.

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About Holo-Light

Unleashing the potential
of AR/VR with XR Streaming

Holo-Light is building the most powerful immersive streaming platform. We are creating a Streaming Platform for XR apps – empowering new and scalable AR/VR business cases.

What They're Saying

'We are excited to partner with Holo-Light to bring their XR remote rendering platform to HOOPS Visualize. Building scalable AR/VR applications on a multitude of devices that can handle the complexities of 3D CAD and BIM models is still a challenge across the industry, so the ability to leverage Holo-Light’s ISAR SDK will be a great option for our partners.' Guido Hoffmann, Technical Fellow at Tech Soft 3D
'We believe that Tech Soft 3D is the perfect partner to help us expand our groundbreaking XR streaming portfolio by a hybrid rendering approach.' Florian Haspinger, CEO at Holo-Light

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